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3 Comments about Park Seed Company

I've had really bad luck with them whenever I've ordered. From seed starting supplies showing up in mid summer (a little late by then, thanks anyway though) to them not sending out orders it's never gone smoothly. I'd caution anyone from using them unless you're ordering things that aren't important.

Post by Jason Logsdon on Saturday, January 30
I have had a pretty positive experience with Parkseed. I highly recommend their chocolate cherry tomatoes. Those were just delectable! I will be ordering more from them for next years growing season.

Post by Quantina on Saturday, March 27
I agree with the first comment. I've had nothing but problems recently (last 3 years) w/Park seed. They used to be very good ... Not so anymore. I've switched to Burpee, Totally Tomato & Shumway.

Post by WilliekSC on Wednesday, November 17

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