The are hundreds of different tomato plants to choose from and it can be very difficult to figure out what are the best ones to grow.

Submit your favorite tomato varieties, vote up ones you love, and leave comments on any you feel strongly about. Take into account taste, yield, ease of growing, and anything else you think goes into making the perfect tomato.

Hopefully together we can figure out what are the best tomatoes to grow!
Asked on Saturday, January 30

Top 12 Responses

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Green Zebra Tomato

1 Comment, Votes: 1806+ 1650-, Website:

Big Rainbow Tomato

2 Comments, Votes: 1746+ 1699-, Website:

Opalka Paste Tomato

1 Comment, Votes: 1700+ 1704-, Website:

Mama Mia

1 Comment, Votes: 1558+ 1579-, Website:

Persimmon Orange Tomato

2 Comments, Votes: 1595+ 1650-, Website:

Cherokee Purple

1 Comment, Votes: 1481+ 1538-, Website:

Sun Gold Tomato

1 Comment, Votes: 1584+ 1666-, Website:

Tomato Tree

3 Comments, Votes: 1541+ 1656-, Website:

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