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My mother in-law still raves about this variety which will be a repeat in our garden this year. It has a sweet but rich taste I have never experienced in a cherry tomato. The color is a kind of dark burgundy more than brown. I ate them too fast to try in or on a salad. Usually by the time I made it to the house with the basket these were gone first. The seedlings are already sprouting in the basement to get a head start on the growing season. We can't wait!

Post by Quantina on Saturday, March 27
This year I planted yellow cherry tomatoes. But would love to try the chocolate cherry tomato next year. Perhaps we can exchange seeds this fall. This year I planted some cherokee tomatoes. They are tiny right now but will let you know how they mature if you are interested. they are heirloom.

Post by Demetrio on Sunday, July 10

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