Vegetable Garden Planner Help Pages

Many of the pages in the Vegetable Garden Planner have a Help page associated with it. If you click on the Help link located at the top right of any page you will be taken to the appropriate Help page. We suggest you at least give the Overview a quick read to become familiar with the key concepts around which the Gardens and Logbook functionality is designed.

You can see the links to all of the Help pages by clicking on the Help Index link in the breadcrumbs at the top left of every Help page. You can also use these breadcrumbs to jump to another Help page higher in the hierarchy if there is one.

Each of the Help pages starts with a brief summary of the purpose of the page. It then works from the top of the page to the bottom explaining what is displayed and how to use elements on the page to accomplish the various functions of the page. When appropriate it identifies what page you will be taken to when you execute a particular operation and provides the link to the Help page for that page.

If the Help pages do not answer your questions or you have found a problem please contact us.

Help Pages

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