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Edit Selected Plants page

This page allows you to edit one or more of the Plants in your Garden. Specifically, you can edit three fields associated with each plant. You can also create a duplicate of a Plant and delete Plants as well.

For each Plant shown on the page you can edit three fields. They are the following:
  • # - This number indicates how many physical plants are associated with a single Garden Plant. For example, you may have a row of carrots containing 10 carrot plants.
  • Label - This is the third part of the PlantName. See Overview-Plant for how to use the Label field.
  • Description - You can add any information you would like in this text field to better describe the Plant.
Once you have completed editing click on the button to save your changes. You need to do this for each Plant you edit.

Associated with each Plant on the page are two icons that can be used as follows:
  • - Clicking on this icon will create a duplicate of that Plant. This only duplicates the Plant and adds it to your Garden. It does not duplicate any Notes that may be associated with the Plant you duplicated. The word "Duplicate" will be appended to the end of the Label field so you can easily tell the duplicate Plant from the original.
  • - Clicking on this icon will delete the Plant from your Garden. You will be asked to verify the delete since it can't be undone.

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