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Logbook page

This page allows you to view all of the Notes in your Logbook.

To add a Note to your Logbook click on the button which will take you to the Add a New Note page.

Clicking on the button which will take you to the Edit Filters page.

You can view just a subset of the Notes by using a filter. The box at the top of the page, with the heading Currently Showing Logbook Notes From, indicates the current description of the filter. You can filter on:
  • Gardens: Can filter the Notes from one or more of your Gardens.
  • Plants: Can filter the Notes attached to one or more Plants.
  • Dates: Can filter on a range of dates.
You can change the filter by clicking on the Edit Logbook Filters link. This will take you to the Edit Filters page where you can modify the three values associated with the filter.

The remainder of the page is a listing of the Notes in your Logbook that pass the Filter. The Notes are listed by date with the most recent Notes first. Each Note listed contains the following information: Type of Note; Rating if available; Garden(s) associated with the Note; Plants attached to the Note; Text from the Notes field; and any Photos attached to the Note.

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