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General Pepper - Hot - Jalapeno Info

Hot peppers get their "heat" from capsaicin; the more capsaicin it contains in its skin, seeds and interior ribs, the hotter the chile pepper tastes.

Be careful when you handle any kind of chile peppers. The capsaicin oil can burn your skin and especially your eyes. Avoid direct contact as much as possible; many cooks wear rubber gloves while handling hot chile peppers.

Both red and green jalapeno peppers have a good amount of heat (Scoville Heat Units of 5,000) in addition to its rich flavor.

How to Ripen Pepper - Hot - Jalapeno

Store jalapeno peppers at room temperature and they will continue to ripen.

Short Term Pepper - Hot - Jalapeno Storage

Placed jalapeno peppers in a plastic bag in the refrigerator; they will keep their freshness for a week.

Pepper - Hot - Jalapeno Long Term Storage

To freeze, simply wash, slice open and remove seeds; they do not need to be blanched. Cut into strips, dice or chop and place in an airtight freezer container. Once thawed, the peppers will be soft, but well-suited for use in cooked dishes.

Mature jalapeno peppers may also be dried; use them in appropriate recipes or as a decoration! After the peppers turn red string them together on a heavy thread by sewing through the stems; stringing the peppers loosely. Hang in a cool, dry, airy spot (your cellar is probably too humid and will cause the peppers to mold).

Pepper - Hot - Jalapeno Side Notes

Generally, any fresh green hot pepper is one-third as hot as a red-ripe pepper of the same variety, and the dried form is two to ten times hotter than the fresh red-ripe pepper.
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