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General Rutabaga Info

For a longer shelf life, choose rutabagas that are firm, smooth and heavy for their size. For best flavor and texture, choose rutabagas about 4 inches in diameter.

Short Term Rutabaga Storage

When stored in a perforated plastic bag, rutabagas keep 2 to 3 weeks in the crisper section of the refrigerator.

Rutabaga Long Term Storage

Unwashed rutabagas will keep for 2 months if stored in a well-mulched moisture proof container at a temperature between 35 to 40 degrees. They can also be stored in dry sand, sawdust, or peat moss in the cellar; this will help absorb any moisture in the air.

Rutabaga Side Notes

Rutabaga is a hybrid root vegetable; it is the result of a natural cross of cabbages and turnips.
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