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Short Term Tarragon Storage

You can either store them with the jar method or the paper towel method.

Jar method: partially fill a jar or a water glass with water; place the stem ends of the unwashed tarragon into the water in the container. Store the jar of tarragon in the refrigerator, cover loosely with a plastic bag. Change the water after several days if the water starts to discolor. Fresh tarragon will last up to 2 weeks or longer when stored this way.

Paper towel method: wrap fresh tarragon in a slightly damp paper towel and place in a plastic bag large enough not to crush the leaves. Place the bagged tarragon in the refrigerator; it will keep fresh for about 2 weeks.

Tarragon Long Term Storage

To freeze: remove the leaves and discard the tarragon stems. Fill every ice cube cavity of an ice cube tray with the tarragon leafs, then completely top off with water. Place in the freezer for 2 days; remove the tarragon cubes and transfer them into a freezer ziplock bag. Store the ziplock bag in the freezer for 2 months and use as needed.

Tarragon Side Notes

Tarragon is an herb in the aster family. There are three basic types of tarragon: Russian tarragon, French (German) tarragon, and Mexican tarragon. Russian tarragon is known for being more bitter and less aromatic, while French and Mexican tarragons are described as very aromatic and sweeter with an anise type flavor.
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