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General Tomatillo Info

Tomatillos are also known as Toma Verde or husk tomatoes, which refers to the papery shell that covers the small cherry tomato sized fruit; the paper shell splits open as the tomatillos mature and ripen. To start with freshest product, select solid, firm tomatillos with smooth, unbroken skins and clean husks.

How to Ripen Tomatillo

Unlike tomatoes, tomatillos are ripe while still quite firm to the touch.

Short Term Tomatillo Storage

Set tomatillos, still in their husks, in a dry and ventilated area such as a hanging basket in your pantry; they last for about 2 months.

Place the tomatillos (with husks on) in a paper bag and set them in the crisper drawer or in a bowl with a paper towel over them in your fridge; they will last for about 1 month. Make sure they don't get wet or the inside of their husk could become a little slimy.

Tomatillo Long Term Storage

Take the husk off of the tomatillos and wash them. After they dry off, cut them in thin slices or dice them up. Spread them out on a cookie sheet and stick them in the freezer until almost frozen. Place them in plastic freezer bags and set them back in the freezer; the will keep for 6 to 10 months.

Husk and wash the tomatillos and then cut them up. Stick them in a blender and puree. You can also puree them with other vegetables to be used in salsas and sauces. Pour them into ice trays and put them in the freezer. Once frozen you can put the cubes in plastic freezer bags and return to the freezer. Tomatillos can also be canned with a pressure cooker or stored as relish.

Tomatillo Side Notes

Tomatillos are a bit tart, yet slightly sweet; earthy, but with a hint of citrus. There are several different varieties including; Purple de Milpa, Green Husk Tomatillo, Dr. Wychs Yellow, Toma Verde, and the Purple Tomatillo.
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