Asked by Savana on Thursday, January 06
I live on a horse farm where horses eat hay or are out in a pasture is there any practical application for horse manure in a home vegatable/flower garden?

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This discussion seems to indicate it's fine to use, especially if composted first.
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Thursday, January 06
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Extremely beneficial to your garden as long as it has composted for a while. Want it to almost look like dirt. Have a friend who has horses and I got a pickup load a few years ago and my gardens are very bountiful thanks to the horse manure.
Answered by Charles Howard on Thursday, January 06
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I use composted horse manure all the time, the garden does very well albeit I do have more weeds to deal with but with a little mulch it is not a big deal.
Answered by sharon on Thursday, January 06

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