Asked by Bozena on Saturday, February 19
When the advise says fertilize, is it enough to use liquid compost tea like Garrett Juice? i want to be as organic as possible, so following instruction I use diluted Garrett Juice for fertilization ( as a foliage spray and soil addition) but i am not sure if i should add more compost or some other fertilizers?

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I use well rotted manure to fertilize before I plant. Through the growing season I side dress my garden with manure. I also make my own manure and compost tea. When my garden, I use raised beds, is dry I water with the manure or compost tea. HTH
Answered by Candace Letson on Saturday, February 19
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Thanks, I guess you can not overdo with compost? I do that too, just was not sure how often.
Answered by Bozena on Saturday, February 19

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