Asked by debbie on Monday, January 10
gardening newbie- what is a good cheap grow light set up?

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I purchased a small grow light and had my husband mount it on a board that was a few inches longer than the light and then used small tin canisters to hold it up. It worked and cost almost nothing. I can't see spending $$$ to start seedlings. Once you purchase all those attractive setups from catalogs it would cheaper to buy plants from the local nursery. I use this system to grow lettuce. I helps me get through our long winters if I have dirt to play in.
Answered by sharon on Monday, January 10
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I've had a lot of success with normal fluorescent shop lights, here's some from Home Depot:

I do my work in the basement so I just have them connected with metal chains to the studs in the ceiling. It was really cheap to set up and since I have a hook on the end of the chains I can easily raise and lower them as the plants grow. I agree with Sharon that having an expensive setup doesn't make sense for starting out. Do something cheap and then in a few years see if you need something more.
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Monday, January 10

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