Asked by Kim edwards on Thursday, November 15
What do you think of permaculture

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Is it worth maintaining a system that does not bring anything good? A system based in competition that destroy the possibilities of social cooperation for the common welfare, stopping any attempt of sustainability?

What is the actual social conscience? To live for others who would not die for you; earn money and then nobody else would lend you a single cent; love people who do not know what love is.

We live in a planet in crisis; very often, people feel incapable to realize the change. Permaculture offers positive solutions to world problems, using ecology as a base to study, design, and create systems that last, that are functional, sustainable, and integrated that sustain human establishments and natural ecosystems. Permaculture covers the production of food, housing, technology, communitarian development, legal systems, and financial ones to develop these objectives.

Taking care of the earth and people, sharing the resources, distribution of leftover time, capacities, and energy, are the ethic base of Permaculture.

The key is cooperation, not competition.
Answered by Astrid on Thursday, November 15
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We havre such a system now where many people work while others are unable or just do not. We ask do we stop working then? We must all do our part to keep our country and world strong. Mainly for who we are. There will always be producers and consumers in this world,but hopefully good deeds do not go unnoticed nor unrewarded. Be proud in yourself of what you are able to do or make for your family and others that may not be as fourtionate.
Answered by Jules on Thursday, November 15

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