Asked by teresa nichols on Saturday, March 27
how to start petunia's from cuttings

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You want to cut and use the last few inches of the plant. When you take cuttings, cut about 3 inches close to a set of leaves. Remove any flowers and also remove the last set of leaves close to where you cut (This is where you will get new root development). Stick cuttings is damp potting mix (not potting soil). Keep the soil moist, not soaking wet. Mist your plants every so often if you have the means to. If you can put them in one of those 10 x 20 inch trays with a high dome greenhouse top that would work the best. It will keep the humidity up and prevent a lot of water loss from the cutting and allow it to develop roots. Hope this helps!
Answered by Jason on Saturday, March 27

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