Asked by Dilanww on Thursday, October 27
I have wound down the current season. I grew tomatoes, potatoes, and other vegetables in my backyard.
For, the next season, I wish to change the gardening technique. I read that raised garden bed can offer better maintenance, weed control and gives good yields. I searched the pics and the raised beds ar more aesthetic.

I would like to know the opinions of the gardeners about this technique. Are there any drawbacks? Please share your experience.

Thank you.

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I have done raised beds for 5 years using the square Foot gardening and companion gardening to plan out my beds. The only drawbacks I could find were the limited ability to turn over the beds at the beginning of the planting season. That might have just been me. The other is to make sure you make the beds and the plants accessible from all sides. My beds are 6ft long x 4ft wide. With the square Foot plans I had limited weeds. With the manageable size bed I was able to harvest and weed though out the season with little problems. By adding the companion gardening I was able to ge a great yell in a small space.
Answered by Katherine Williams on Thursday, October 27

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