Asked by allenalise on Saturday, January 30
I want to put in a raised bed vegetable garden but I'm not quite sure where to start. I know there are several kits out there for buying them and it's possible to make your own raised beds. What do you all recommend for someone just trying to get something set up without TOO much cost or time sunk into it.

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If you are at all handy with a saw and electric screw driver you can build them yourself without spending too much money. I'm not a great carpenter or anything but I built my own raised bed gardens.

I know other people have build much more elaborate beds but I was looking for something simple and not too expensive. I'm going on my third year using them and they seem to be holding up fine despite the rain and harsh winters here in Connecticut.
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Saturday, January 30
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I have recently moved but at my last house I had the builder construct a raised bed garden out of concrete similar to a house foundation. You can see my raised bed garden on this post. It also contains some other useful links on raised bed gardening.

At my new house I plan to take a different approach. I found a supplier who sells raised bed kits made from cedar that appear to be easy to assemble. They are not cheap but it would cost you just as much to buy just the cedar so I believe they are a good value. I'd love to hear from anyone who has used these.

Good luck with your raised beds - I think you'll love them.

Answered by Gary Logsdon on Saturday, January 30

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