Asked by Alta C. Herr on Friday, April 06
Hi everyone, I have a vegetable garden at my home. I designed it last year. I planted various vegetable saplings and seeds and upon God’s grace, they flourished well. Now I have vegetables like tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots along with some fruits. But today I face issues with browsing animals. Rats enter my garden and are eating most of the vegetables and fruits. I have tried different methods to prevent them from accessing the yard. I used to remove the fallen vegetables regularly and reduce their attraction into the yard. I have used some sprays to distract them. But they enter again into the yard after the effect of the spray diminishes. But I don’t know if it is harmful to use this kind of spray in the yard. Does it affect the plants and the vegetables? Anyway, I am fed up with these rats. I have decided to seek help from one of the humane wildlife control in Newmarket. Does it require expert wildlife removal services for removing these animals from the yard?

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Use killer cats
Answered by Rogers on Friday, April 06

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