Asked by Carl Carrs on Friday, February 12
Seems like everyone has an opinion on whether to stake or cage tomato plants. I'm just wondering what has worked best for you guys.

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I have tried both and find myself squarely in the "cage" camp. My situation is fairly unique since I am disabled and thus garden from a wheelchair. Fortunately I have a raised bed garden which simplifies things greatly. I found it quite difficult to tie the tomato plant stem to the stake, especially when the plants got higher. Conversely, it was easy to keep the tomato plant contained inside the cage. I also found that as the staked tomato plants grew taller they could get blown over by the wind. This did not happen once I made sturdy tomato cages. BTW, this article I wrote talks about constructing heavy duty tomato cages.
Answered by Gary Logsdon on Friday, February 12
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i have always staked ,watched my grandmother do it when i was small , and im 55 , i guess its good enough for her good enough for me ,
always worked , down at lowes i get the 1x1 pine wood stakes , yes they are 8 foot long and i cut them in half .the cost of 1 piece is $1.47 , compare that to the cage i have 58 plants
Answered by jerry on Friday, February 12
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I prefer cages as well, just seems like a whole lot less work than trying to stake them all the time.
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Friday, February 12
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I like the cages as well. I plant a lot of tomatoes and I've find the caged tomatoes easier to prune and support.
Answered by Angelnina on Friday, February 12

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