Asked by jerry on Sunday, June 27
i have about 12 very large plants , that the bugs are haveing a good time eating the leaves , any idea we live in the north east of pa. ?????????????

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Take a deep breath. Have you found any "Bugs" or larve (bug eggs on the underside of the leaves)?
I too have, what I thought was a problem with something eating all the leaves of my beautiful sunflowers, but in reality it was not BUGS, but Birds! Imagine my relief. I found that the American Gold Finch LOVES to eat the leaves of all the varities of Sunflowers I've grown. They will set upon the branching and eat small bites leaving behind a lacey web skeleton of the vains of the leaves.
I thought of this as a "bonus" to the growing of sunflowers ever since then. (Having Gold Finches in my yard) I had never seen it or read about it before or since. So I waited in a chair with my camera at the ready and even got a few nice photos of them munching down. Vegetarian birds, who would have guessed.

Fran Wyman
Big Bear, Calif.

Answered by Fran Wyman on Sunday, June 27

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