Asked by D on Wednesday, May 12
I am a beginner gardener. I will have to fence in an area to grow my garden. What size should I fence in ?

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A lot of this depends on how much gardening you feel like doing and how many vegetables you will be growing. For my family of two I started out with a 4' by 32' garden and that was great for a few years. I've since expanded and double the size of it but I grow a whole lot of things I can't use and end up giving away to co-workers and neighbors.

I've found that a garden of 100 to 250 square feet can be easily mantained by a single person and give you a lot of good vegetables.

I know a few people have really large gardens of over 1000 square feet but that starts to require a lot more maintenance and work than I have time to put into gardening.
Answered by Jason Logsdon on Wednesday, May 12
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we have a 11x18 garden and we have cukes , beans lettuce, garlic, tomatos 58. and peppers and its getting to be cramped . there is 2 adults in our home , and yes we do alot of canning. the bigger the better lol
Answered by jerry on Wednesday, May 12

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