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One of the keys to a successful vegetable garden is the health of your soil. Adding compost is a great way to enrich your garden soil and keep it healthy from year to year. There are several ways of getting compost, including making your own.

Composting and Soil Management Articles


Compost Tools

There are many tools for making and using compost. Some compost tools are needed for all composting jobs while others are just helpful if you are doing precise composting.

Composting Tumbler

A compost tumbler is basically large drum with a handle on it allowing you to rotate the drum and the compost inside. Composting tumblers work by giving the compost greater access to oxygen, in theory speeding up the composting process.

Making a Compost Pile at Home

We suggest that when trying out a compost pile for the first time you should keep a few basic ideas in mind and forget about the rest. This will result in producing pretty good compost with the least amount of stress and time.

Making Compost Tea

Compost tea is filled with beneficial bacteria that help build soil structure, remove bad bacteria from your garden, and help release the nutrients in your soil.

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