ArticlesControlling Pests with Organic Gardening

Using organic vegetable gardening practices to control insects and disease is easier than it seems, and you will be rewarded with more productive, better tasting vegetables.

Prune Affected Areas

If you notice an infection of bugs or mildew on a certain part of your plant you can just trim it off, leaving the rest of the plant disease free. If an entire plant happens to become effected, you might need to remove it, but it's unlikely that pesticides would have saved it either.

Let Them Be

One of the keys to organic gardening is the word "organic". This means that nature will take care of itself, the way it always has. If you start to get aphids, odds are the lady bugs will be shortly behind to eat them and clear off your plants. Once you start practicing organic vegetable gardening and stop killing the beneficial insects in your garden, you'll be amazed at how well your garden will be protected.

Pick Off The Bugs

If you do notice some bugs on your plants and feel that you need to do something about them just pick them off! Either shake your plant and kill the bugs when they are in the dirt, so pick them off and smoosh them. Just make sure they are harmful bugs and not one of the many helpful varieties that are key to organic vegetable gardening.

Spray with Water

Another way to remove bugs is to spray them off with your hose set on high. Just be sure you don't hurt the plant while you're doing this!

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