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Finding good information about garden water timers is pretty hard. There are several types of garden water timers to look at and many brands of each.

We will briefly talk about each of the major brands of water timers and then go over the options so you can make an informed decision about which water timer to buy.

What is a Garden Hose Water Timer?

Whether it's called a garden timer, hose timer, faucet timer, or water irrigation timer, they all serve the same purpose: to turn your hose on and off. You attach the water timer to your faucet and your hose. Then you set the water timer for how long you want your water to run. Just turn on your hose and let the water timer turn it off for you.

Garden Water Timer Brands

Orbit Water Timers

Orbit water timers are generally a good brand of water timer and pretty highly regarded. However, their 2-Dial Hose Faucet Control System consistently gets poor reviews and we wouldn't recommend it.

Gilmour Garden Hose Timers

Gilmore garden hose timers are another highly respected brand. Their products are easy to use and very durable, except for their Mechanical Water Timer which has several issues and should be avoided.

Nelson Faucet Water Timers

Nelson water timers are generally lower quality and have durability issues. The only one we would recommend is their basic water timer (though their Remote Rain Water Timer is a pretty cool idea).

Mechanical Water Timers

Mechanical water timers are one of the two major types of water timers. They are very easy to use and normally consist of turning a dial to determine how long you would like the timer to keep the faucet open. Most also have quick connectors to easily put on and take off the water timer from the faucet. The only downside is that you have to be around to turn on the water to begin with. This does make it easier to see if a mechanical water timer is broken though.

Recommended Mechanical Water Timers

Gardena Water Timer: Nice and simple water timer.

Gilmour Group "Do it" Water Timer: Can be set for either gallons or an amount of time.

Electric Automatic Water Timers

Electric automatic water timers are the other main option you have when looking at water timers. The best thing about the electric timers is that you can set them to go off when you are not around. This is great if you work during the day, are going on vacation, or just don't want to be forced to turn the water on every morning. Electric automatic water timers are normally more expensive than the mechanical water timers but if you don't want to have to worry about watering your garden, then they are the water timers you'll want to go with.

Recommended Electric Automatic Water Timers

Gilmour Electronic Water Timer Teal/Black #9100 Allows you great control over the watering you need.

Gilmour Electronic 4 Cycle Water Timer: A very good timer that give you very precise control over your watering.

Orbit Lawn & Garden Hose Digital Watering Timer And Valve Amazon says it best:
The Orbit LCD Battery Timer is the only battery timer that has a removable body for easy programming from your favorite easy chair. It automates your drip irrigation and other yard watering. It allows up to 4 start times a day every 1, 2 or 3 days. A watering cycle can run from 1 minute to 6 hours. It operates within a water pressure range of 10 PSI to 90 PSI and has a flow rate of up to 7.5 Gallons Per Minute. Uses 2 9-volt alkaline batteries that can last up to 1 year.

A great layout tool for all your gardening needs! You can go try a 30 Day Free Trial or read our review.