ArticlesLocation of the Vegetable Garden

The location of your vegetable garden can have a big impact on it's productivity. Here's a few tips to select the ideal location for your vegetable garden.

Sun, Sun and More Sun

The most important thing to remember when choosing the location for your vegetable garden is that almost all vegetables require sun to really produce. Try to put your garden in the sunniest spot of your yard.

Access to Water

This might go without saying, but make sure that the location of your vegetable garden has access to water via a hose or sprinkler system. Water is critical in most climates to growing a successful vegetable garden and consistent watering leads to even better results.

Water Drainage

The only thing worse for your vegetable garden than too little water is too much water. Make sure that water drains off the location your planning on using for your vegetable garden because standing water can cause disease and attract unwanted insects.

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