ArticlesOrganically Supplementing Your Soil

Supplementing your soil in your organic vegetable garden is easy and cheap if you follow a few basic principles.

Test Your Soil

Before you can get started organically strengthening your soil it helps if you know what you need to work on. Taking a soil sample and sending it to your local lab for testing can really help inform you about what your soil is lacking. Soil tests normally are $20-$30 and take a few weeks to turn around but you'll more than make up the cost with your more targeted soil supplements.

Natural Compost for Nutrients

A key to organic vegetable gardening is to fortify your soil through the addition of compost. Compost is full of nutrient rich humus and also helps retain moisture in your soil. This helps keep your plants strong, another key to successful organic gardening, your soil rich, and reduces your watering costs.

You can buy organic compost from your local gardening store or a nearby farm. However, the cheapest option is to make your own compost!

Start a Compost Heap

Starting a compost heap is probably the smartest thing you can do to allow you to practice organic vegetable gardening on the cheap. Make a pile of grass clippings after you mow the lawn, the leafs after you rake, any organic plant waste from your kitchen (do NOT put meat in your compost pile). After several months these will start to break down and you'll have a pile of nutrients to put in your garden.

Another added benefit to composting is that it will reduce your kitchen and house waste, helping the environment out while you get free nutrients for your organic gardening. Here is how to make your own compost at home.

Organic Compost Tea

At its most basic, organic compost tea is a liquid made from compost (or composted manure) and water. Compost tea is filled with beneficial bacteria that help build soil structure, remove bad bacteria from your garden, and help release the nutrients in your soil. It is also easy to make compost tea at home.

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