ArticlesPlanning Your Vegetable Garden

Here are some useful articles about planning your vegetable garden.

Planning Your Vegetable Garden Articles


Location of the Vegetable Garden

The location of your vegetable garden can have a big impact on it's productivity. Here's a few tips to select the ideal location for your vegetable garden.

Placement of Vegetables in Your Garden

The placement of vegetables in your garden is very important. Here's some tips to make sure you have the ideal placement of vegetables in your garden.

What to Grow in Your Vegetable Garden

Picking the types of vegetables to use in your garden is the most fun part. Here's some tips to help you grow all the vegetables you want in your garden.

Online Seed Catalogues

One of the questions we often get is where is the best place to get vegetable seeds. Here's some of our favorites online seed stores, this year we got 90% of our seeds from these companies.

Recommended Tomato Plants

There are hundreds of tomato plants you can pick from for your garden. Here are some of our favorite tomatoes you might want to try.

When to Plant Direct Sown Vegetable Seeds

One of the biggest questions is always "When do I plant my vegetable seeds?" The answer to this question varies based on the zone you live in and your average frost date.

When to Start Vegetables from Transplants

Many people ask us "When do I plant my vegetable seeds?" and "when should I plant my transplants outside?" A large part of this question is determined by the growing zone you live in and your average frost date.

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