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Since there are hundreds of types of tomatoes you can buy it can be really intimidating when you are just getting started. We've selected some of our favorite tomato plants to steer you in the right direction.

We have a few heirloom tomatoes since we love their bold, deep flavors. We have one cherry tomato plant, since everyone loves to pick cherry tomatoes off the vine and eat them. We have an early ripening tomato to get your early tomato fix. And lastly we have a roma tomato that is great for making tomato sauce. Hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Supersweet 100 Cherry Tomato

The Supersweet 100 cherry tomatoes are the classic, super sweet cherry tomatoes. They are about 1 inch globes and the plants are normally very prolific. If you like sweet cherry tomatoes it is hard to go wrong with the Supersweet 100 tomato.
You can get your Supersweet 100 tomato seeds here.

Big Rainbow Heirloom Tomato

The Big Rainbow heirloom tomatoes are huge, up to 2 pounds, and have fantastic flavor. They are wonderful sliced on sandwiches or dice into pasta or salad. We grew Big Rainbow Tomatoes in our garden and they never lasted more than a day or two after they ripened before we ate them.
You can get your Big Rainbow tomato seeds here.

Brandywine Heirloom Tomato

Heirloom Brandywine Tomatoes are the classic heirloom tomato. They are full flavored and will ruin grocery store tomatoes for you forever. They are about 12 ounces, normal grocery store tomato size, and are great in salads, sandwiches, or pasta dishes. You can also make a wonderful tomato sauce out of Brandywine tomatoes if you let it reduce some.
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Heirloom Tomato Variety Pack

If you are interested in trying heirloom tomatoes but you don't know where to start we recommend either the Big Rainbow tomato or Brandywine Tomato, but you can also go with a variety pack that will expose you to several different colors and flavors.
You can get an heirloom tomato variety pack here.

Early Girl Tomato

Early Girl Tomatoes are some of the earliest tomatoes around. They only take about 2 months from planting for the fruits to be ripe. The flavor of Early Girl Tomatoes isn't as intense as some of the other tomatoes but it's still much better than store-bought. They are a great way to get some ripe tomatoes early in the season.
You can get your Early Girl tomato seeds here.

Margherita Roma Tomato

When you are making tomato sauce you want tomatoes with a low water content so the sauce will be thicker with less reduction needed. The Margherita tomato fits this criteria nicely with it's roma tomatoes. It's also a determinate tomato so all the fruit will come at once, meaning you spend less time in the kitchen making tomato sauce.
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