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Pest control is a key to any successful garden. We'll look at a few different ways to protect your garden from pests, animals, and insects.

Don't forget our guide to organic pest control.

Vegetable Garden Pest Control Articles


Controlling Pests with Organic Gardening

Using organic vegetable gardening practices to control insects and disease is easier than it seems, and you will be rewarded with more productive, better tasting vegetables.

Scarecrow Sprinklers

One problem all gardeners have is preventing their plants from being eaten by wildlife. If you are an old softie like I am then a motion activated water scarecrow sprinkler is for you.

Havahart Deer and Rabbit Repellent

There are many different kinds of deer repellents and rabbit repellents but many are not very effective. We recently tried Havahart Deer and Rabbit Repellent and here's our review.

A great layout tool for all your gardening needs! You can go try a 30 Day Free Trial or read our review.