ArticlesWhen to Plant Direct Sown Vegetable Seeds

One of the biggest questions is always "When do I plant my vegetable seeds?" The answer to this question varies based on the zone you live in and your average frost date.

We've put together a table showing when you should plant various vegetable seeds in relation to the frost date in your area. There is a key at the bottom of the page to the various columns in the table.

You can look at our other chart for when to plant transplanted vegetables.

When to Plant Vegetable Seeds
VeggiePlant SeedsVeg SpacingRow SpacingThin SpacingTime to HarvestSuccession Planting
Bean, BushAfter2"18"4"57 Days21 Days
Bean, PoleAfter4"30"65 Days
BeetBefore1"12"3"60 Days21 Days
BroccoliAt16"3060 Days
Broccoli RaabFrost Date4"12"8"40 Days14 Days
CarrotBefore1"12"60 Days21 Days
CornAfter9"30"70 Days17 Days
CucumberAfter12"48"62 Days
KohlrabiAt4"12"45 Days17 Days
LettuceBefore2"12"6"50 Days10 Days
MelonAfter18"48"85 Days
OkraAfter16"16"50 Days
PeasBefore1"18"65 Days
PumpkinsAfter48"95"100 Days
RadishBefore2"2"25 Days10 Days
RutabagaBefore2"12"6"90 Days
SpinachBefore1"12"3"42 Days7 Days
Squash, SummerAfter24"24"90 Days
Squash, WinterAfter60"60"90 Days
Swiss ChardAt2"12"4"
TurnipsBefore2"12"4"50 Days10 Days

Plant Seeds

The "Plant Seeds" column references the frost date. Vegetables with "Before" can planted as soon as the soil is workable and can handle frost just fine. Vegetables with "At" should be planted around your frost date and can handle a light frost. Vegetables with "After" should be planted after the frost date since a frost will kill them

Veg Spacing

The "Veg Spacing" column of the When to Plant Vegetable Seeds table tells you how far apart you should plant the seeds in each row.

Row Spacing

The "Row Spacing" column tells you how far apart your rows should be from each other.

Thin Spacing

The "Thin Spacing" column tells you how far apart to thin the seedling too when they come up. Most thining is done after the plants are around 2-3" tall or have grown 3 true leaves.

Time to Harvest

The "Time to Harvest" column of the When to Plant Vegetable Seeds table shows the average time from planting to harvesting for that type of vegetable.

Succession Planting

The "Succession Planting" column refers to whether or not you should succession plant that vegetable. Succession planting ensures that you have a continual harvest throughout the growing season.

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