Gardening Made Easy

  • Quickly Lay Out Your Garden – Use our layout tool to easily plan your garden by dragging and dropping plants onto it.
  • Visually Track Your Garden – Take pictures of your garden or individual plants to capture what they looked like at a particular moment.
  • Stay on Track – It’s easy to schedule your upcoming important gardening tasks with our simple Garden To-Do tool.

Simple, Fast, Hassle-Free

There's nothing more frustrating than trying to use an overly complicated website. At Vegetable Garden Planner our focus is on keeping our tools simple and intuitive for a user with any level of online experience.

Why Use a Garden Planner?

Tired of losing papers with important notes on them or garden photos you can't find on your computer? Using a garden planner keeps all of your information in one safe place accessible over the internet .

Why Use Ours?

Our vegetable garden planner has been designed to be quick to learn and easy to use for the novice gardener, while at the same time, provides the capabilities desired by the most meticulous.

Vegetable Garden Layout Tool

Vegetable-garden-layout-tool-snapshot-small Plan your garden with ease using our custom Vegetable Garden Layout Tool. Quickly Create Custom Beds – Most standard beds can be created and more custom beds can even be made.

Adding Plants is Easy – Choose from more than 90 plant types and just drag them onto your garden layout. You can add them as individual plants or as planting areas.

Try Out Multiple Versions – Just save your garden layout and create a new one to see if you like it better. Just want to try some tweaks? You can duplicate an existing layout with the click of the mouse.

Intuitive Yet Flexible – It is easy to jump right in and lay out your garden, but for more control you can customize the size of various plants and even change the color they show up as.

Give it a Free Test Drive or you can View the Introduction Video

Vegetable Garden Journal

Garden-journal-entry Quickly and easily record thoughts and observations about your garden. Visually Track Your Garden – Take pictures of your garden or individual plants to capture what they looked like at a particular moment.

Record as Often as You Like – Record Journal entries as often as you like with the level of detail you feel will be useful in the future.

Review Old Journal Entries – Viewing the past state of your garden has never been so easy.

Vegetable Garden To-Dos Capability

Garden-to-dos Stay on track by scheduling your upcoming critical gardening tasks. Quickly Add New Tasks – New To-Do items are quickly entered by just typing in the item description and choosing a due date for it.

Review What You Have Completed – Viewing your completed To-Dos is simple and prevents duplicate work in your garden.

Your Gardens and Logbook Features

Garden-show All your garden's information in one place. See All Your Vegetables at a Glance – Enter in what you planted and all the information is there.

Save Detailed Observations – Use a simple 4-star scale to rank how your plants produce, taste and fight disease or pests.

Find the Information You Need – Use our Logbook filters to view only the notes you’re interested in.

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