Affordable Garden Watering System

Affordable Garden Watering System

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Hello, friends. I own a restaurant in Toronto. And I love gardening. I have a beautiful garden in my house.

But it's very hard for me to water the plants regularly. After the household work, I don't get much time to maintain the garden. My garden includes ornamental and flowering plants. When I started gardening I was also interested in vegetable gardening.

But the current situation does not allow me to do so. I need an affordable watering system. I had already hired a professional plumbing service in Toronto for repairing the leaking pipes and faucets. If anybody recommends a good-affordable water technique I can discuss it with them and can install it now. It will be really helpful if you suggest a method that suits all type of plants.

I heard about drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation. But I'm not sure that its the right solution for my problem.
What do you guys think??

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Sprinkler irrigation is the best option! What have you opted for at present?

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