Afraid of raccoons

Afraid of raccoons

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Hi there,
We have shifted our home to the Toronto. In every morning, I see a fresh pile of poop under the tree. The poop is dark and tubular and has a pungent odor. I doubt it is a raccoon. I heard that raccoon poop causes infectious diseases. It is very difficult to clean out the poops. I use white vinegar and bleach for cleaning and disinfecting the poop. Can you share some easy tips for disinfecting the poop? I am growing many expensive plants and vegetables in my garden and I am afraid that it will destroy my garden. So I am thinking to install home alarm security system, Toronto to monitors and alarms ( if someone has entered. I have heard about a security drone which flies around the house and detects the invaders and captures it. I am interested in it but have no idea about the cost. Has anyone come across such drones? How much would it cost?

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