Vacuum Seal Your Garden Vegetables and Fruits

Vacuum Seal Your Garden Vegetables and Fruits

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When you have got your garden fruits and vegetables ready for sealing stick them to produce a bag. The crazysales foodsaver rolls or container can be recommended by the vacuum sealer manufacturer. For instance, if you are using a Maxkon vacuum sealer, then using sealer bag rolls is recommended.

Don’t overfill the bag. Always leave enough space inside the open end of bag to allow proper sealing performance. For those who leave 3 to 4 inches of space you may use and reseal the package almost 4 times. So be smart and leave space.

Be sure fruits and vegetables typically are not wet and there is no moisture on top end of bag. Clean the conclusion of bag to get rid of moisture and then any dirt. This will ensure proper sealing and fresh food.

Create batches of food and eat fresh each time if you have planned to consume the veggies and fruits in portions.

Assemble the open end of the bag in vacuum opening and press the system until the whole set of air is vacuumed from machine and bag seals it. If you have automatic sealer then you will just have to push start button. However, in either case see manufacturer’s manual and follow the instructions.

You will observe because bag is vacuumed, it is going to shrink and get flat. There has to be no folds and wrinkles on package, as it suggests presence of air on the bag.

Once vacuuming is accomplished, machine will seal it. Show patience and give the machine finish sealing. While sealing, support the foot of package by your hand.

After sealing many of the packages, mark them. Mention the name of vegetable or fruit through the package and write the sealing date for your record. It may help you track time of each support and package you in being proactive.

Make it a rule to consume the oldest package first. If in any case you feel the texture, color or smell of food has changed drastically, don’t risk your health. Never restore spoiled food, especially alongside fresh food packages. Throw away the spoiled vegetables and fruits.

Put your packages inside freezer and relish the fresh fruits and vegetables for one more season.

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