What is your favorite piece of gardening equipment?

What is your favorite piece of gardening equipment?

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I know I love my smaller-sized shovel. It's great for working in the beds or doing more strenuous things.

What can't you do without?

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I have a fairly unique tool sometimes called a Flexrake or stirrup hoe. Here's one that Amazon sells. Ames True Temper

If you use it when the weeds are still relatively small it's easy work to just run the hoe forward and back over the top of the soil pulling and/or cutting the weeds off. Saves a ton of bending.
Barrier cream for my hands.
My favorite gardening tool is the grandkids when it's time to plant or weed or harvest. Kids and gardens were made for each other.
My favorite tool would have to be the tiller. I used to have a full sized one and it was impossible to turn at the corners of the garden. I purchased the troy tiller similar to the mantis and since have used decking boards to make a raised garden. The tiller is easy and efficient to use in the tight spaces.
By Frank Monday,New years Eve 11 AM
If I am to pick my favorite tools, they are hand rake, water brake, japanese gardeners knife, shears,hand pruner, scissors, hand weeder, the list goes on because I find each one of them extremely useful and my good friend in maintaining my garden in its good shape.I always store all my tools very neatly and organised in cabinets. It was last moonth that I got my long standing storage issue of tools got solved when I had a custom cabinet installed from a custom cabint makers, lancaster (http://www.lancastercustoms.com/garages/storage-cabinets/). I always check for the size of the tools, opt for tools with wood or metal coated handles and I store them very organised. I spend considerable time tending my tools. Clean and sharp tools ensure good results and less strain.
Thanks for this informative post Carol.
For setting up a garden, I bought some garden accessories from Mississauga (https://peellandscapedepot.com/lawn-and-garden/). Among them, rakes are my favourite. A rake helps us in collecting the leaves from garden and landscape. It can be a broom for outside use. I has got a modern hand-rake made of steel. The teeth of the rake collect the wastes in the garden. My daughter use to play with the garden rakes. We can also use garden rakes to make the soil loose. I also use rakes to spread mulch.
Scissors, hand weeders, trowels and hoes are my garden tools. I always use garden gloves before gardening. It is the first thing that I do before gardening.

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