What Type of Grow Light is Best?

What Type of Grow Light is Best?

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Just curious what you all recommend for your basement setups.

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I've had a lot of success with normal fluorescent shop lights, here's some from Home Depot:

I do my work in the basement so I just have them connected with metal chains to the studs in the ceiling. It was really cheap to set up and since I have a hook on the end of the chains I can easily raise and lower them as the plants grow. I agree with Sharon that having an expensive setup doesn't make sense for starting out. Do something cheap and then in a few years see if you need something more.
Why would we be gardening in the basement?
That's where I start all of my tomato, pepper, and squash seeds. I don't have a sun room or patio upstairs so I have to use the basement.
I used to start seedlings in the basement near a small sunny window with grow lights but found my tomato stalks didn't get nice and stocky like the ones at the nursery, and no matter how close I kept the grow lights or how often I blew the fan, some seedlings would get lanky and leggy. A garden guru I know said to move my operation to the biggest, sunniest window in the house and along with all my grow light apparatus' do my seed starting there. What a difference it has made. I went from starting ok seedlings to growing amazingly beefy starts, almost nursery worthy. Best advice I ever got.
If you are looking for a superior quality grow light indoor gardening system, I would recommend you to go for Kind LED grow light K3-L600. Kind LED grow lights are considered to be the next level grow lights. They are available in 2 series- K3 series and K5 series. K3 series is available in different models like L300, L450 and L6000 whereas K5 series is available in 2 models like XL750 and XL1000.
Kind LED grow light utilizes less power. Using minimal power, they produce the best yields using the powerful 3w light emitting diodes that consume just half of the electricity compared to traditional grow lights.
Kind LED grow light produces no heat as it contains thick heat sink to disperse light. This in turn increases the efficiency of the grow light.
These grow lights run quietly with less fans while keeping the grow box or the grow environment noise-free. When it comes to quality, Kind LED grow light comes with unmatched quality of extra large heat sinks, silent fans and precision driver current and perfect light-spectrum.
Any kind of light with a color temperature of 5500 is ok.
Any kind of light with a color temperature of 5500 is ok.
The brightest grow lights are high-intensity discharge lights.They can run on regular 120-volt household current but may require ballasts. HID are of two types MH and HPS bulbs. Since plants respond according to the color of light , go for blue or red which has great impact on photosynthesis. Rule of Thumb is inexpensive lights are most expensive to operate and least efficient. The basement green house do not depend on local weather and can be cheaply built using repurposed windows(https://www.clerawindows.com/blog/repurposing-old-windows-and-doors-for-a-greenhouse/). Greenhouse ensures protection from the elements and pests and saves money.
The cost includes energy used by grow lights, pots, adequate soil and compost, seeds(inexpensive), water. Do estimate the cost of ten seasons of growing.

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