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Is there a way to add a custom plant?

I also have some flowers in my garden and would like to use the planner to keep track of them, but I can't find a place to enter that info.


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I too have flowers in the Garden for Bee and Hummingbirds- besti can to put a plant in place that I don;t use - select it use Plant Attributes change the "TAG" to the flower and the color to say Orange. you can' change the name thnat will only show up whne you "MOUSE OVER" unless you have the Tags turned on
My neighbor has a custom flower plant that looks awesome. But just a few months ago their plants are getting damaged automatically but then after inspection, they got to know all these happened because of pests. One of the best ways to control the insects and pests that damage the plants in your garden is by allowing other helpful pests in that will drive those harmful ones away or eat them. Or you may also consult some organic gardeners who will use a hot pepper wax that they lightly spray on the leaves of their plants. Or you can hire a brooklyn pest control services who is highly competent, professional and are eager to help you with any of your exterminating needs.
Kelly, thanks for sharing.
I agree with kelly.

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