Maintaining a Healthy Garden

Maintaining a Healthy Garden

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Is there a daily list of things to do to keep my garden healthy?

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Well Bobby, I wish I knew the answer to this too. Hopefully someone will put up a reply and then we'll both know.

I think I have an inkling that just at least getting out there and actually being in the garden every day is going to be important.

Mine has suffered terribly from years of neglect and I am starting to try to reclaim it now. It's not going to be a quick process, I can tell.
I have found that watering and weeding the garden daily is the best thing you can do. When you weed daily It puts you down on the plants level. This gives you the best chance of noticing small problems before they become big problems.
Watering the garden during the hot and dry climate. Also check constantly for pests or any diseases. Timely attention in these cases will reduce the impact.
yes there are many thinigs to be maintained on a daily basis. Keep tabs on your garden, maintain a scrap book, maintain a non sticky shovel, lighten heavy pots, by filling the pot one-third to one-half full with packing peanuts. Have a rain gauge, restrict aggressive plants from taking over your garden by planting them in plastic containers. Help tangles roots loosen up, and protect your bulbs. For best gardening results create ideal garden soil. This can be done using organic material including fertilizer. Add nutrient which plants use for food and add conditioners thus sue nutrients efficiently. Composting and mulching are of great benefit to vegetable gardens in conditioning the soil. Check for few simple tips in this article on how to replenish your soil with organic waste Adding manure add the 3 major nutrients for the soil. Remember horse, rabbit and sheep manure are considered hot for its high level of nitrogen. Any time you can add well aged manure. During winter fresh cow and sheep waste can be added. Use well -rotted manure in case of heavy soil. Fall leaves over a year can make great mulch in a compost bin.
Thank you carol palmer for your informative post.
I am a novice in this field. Thanks for all your kind information.
Visit the garden daily and provide what they require.
There are number of things that can be considered for maintaining the health of a garden. I personally think that the most important thing one should consider about garden's health is the insect infestation. One should take proper care and look out for the infested parts in plant as it can lead to the damage of it. There are minor leaf insects which eat the leaves of plant, which results into the death of a plant in many cases. If one hires the service like Davis pest control, who offers organic spraying for the pest or insect extermination, it can save much of individuals time and can even save a healthy plant or garden form being damaged.
There are numerous ways by which you can create a healthy garden. Just check this out:
- Examine your garden on a regular basis.
- There are many bugs and insects that are essential for your garden. Keep an eye on ones which are harmful.
- Composting is better.
- Mulching retains moisture.
- Provide plenty of water.
For a healthy garden, the most important thing to understand about disease prevention is something called the disease triangle (drawing, right).

1. Examine plants carefully before buying;
2. Use fully composted yard waste;
3. Keep an eye on your bugs;
4. Clean up in the fall;
5. Apply the correct fertilizer;
6. Plant disease-resistant varieties;
7. Prune damaged limbs at the right time;
8. Choose and site plants appropriately;
9. Water properly and
10. Don’t crowd plants.

We must take care when spacing transplants, and keep an eye on established plants as they spread. Crowded plants create their own humidity, which allows diseases like powdery mildew (photo, right), rust, and downy mildew to thrive. In this way we also have to keep an eye on gardening blog.

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