Maximum acareage 2 people working by hand can deal with

Maximum acareage 2 people working by hand can deal with

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My momma and I are going to New Earth in a couple of weeks.

I first figured "Maybe 5 acres would be good with 1 for apples, 1 for citrus, and the other 3 for other fruits and veggies and herbs and grains would work" but my momma told me it would be too much. Even when I told her that 1 acre of apples would be separated into 6-7 sections based on time of ripeness she still said no on 5 acres. I am using minimal distance because I want a lot of plants and I can find the amount needed for us as far a veggies and herbs but for fruits and grains I find very little if at all.

First off how many plants of each fruit and grain will we need at minimum? Here is the list:

Second what is the maximum acreage 2 people working by hand can deal with while still taking care of cows, chickens, pigs, and horses because I don't want to restrict to 1 acre unless I have to.

I have cows for milk and beef. As far as slaughtering I never do it for first generation but balance it with birth rate for later generations(using the scientific definition of it).

For chickens I slaughter them once they are old enough and again I balance the eggs we use with the birth rate of chickens(really hatching rate but you get the idea).

For pigs I do it the same way as I do for cows.

Horses I have for transporting stuff like maple sap from the forest for example.

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