Tips On Indoor Gardening

Tips On Indoor Gardening

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Hi, I'm from Oakville. I love gardening and farming. I always find time to take or of my plants. Something I got from my grandpa. I had a pretty good flower garden and a nice vegetable garden in my old house

But now I got the new job and had to shift to Mississauga. I couldn't shift all my plants here because it's a small apartment. Though I managed to bring some of em. I'm keeping them inside the apartment. It's been six months and now my indoor garden is ruining the floor and the walls. I mean with soil, water stain, leaves and all that. But I don't have enough time to clean it up. Moreover, I'm lazy when it comes to house cleaning. On top of that, my landlord is a jerk.

So I have to do something as soon as possible. Since I'm not gonna do this on my own, I'm going to hire a good house and office cleaning service. What do you think? If you have any better options please share here. And some tips on indoor gardening without ruining the house.

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If you don't have enough time to clean it up then it's better to hire someone else.
I know maintaining indoor gardening is not that easy. I recently shifted to a new flat and after doing some home additions San Jose, I have created a small garden outside my living room. Now, I regularly maintain it. My flower garden looks great.

Thank you Mariyajen for this amazing information regarding the garden.
Hi Samuel Williams, it's nice to hear that you love gardening as like me. Most of the garden lovers can not spend enough time in taking care of gardening. However it is awesome if you could hire somebody for its cleaning tasks. Besides I think that it would be good idea whether you can use the best indoor gardening tools to take care in your own way. Then you can feel you would do the proper use of your valuable time. Thanks.
Maybe you should get rid of some plants if you can't manage this amount of them. If I were you I would create a space for them so they do not incommode you. Think about plant holders. There are also some ways to self-water so you should read about it. You don't have to set the whole irrigation system but e.g. put a bottle of water into the pot. Read about it because it will ease your life.

A good indoor potting mix is usually composed of peat moss, vermiculite and perlite. These soilless mixes absorb moisture very well and resist compaction, but they tend to dry out very quickly. Since they do not contain any nutrients, you must provide your plants with a consistent supply of fertilizer.

Less H2O. Interior plants need less water in winter.
Hold the fertilizer. Plants are dormant in the winter and do not need an artificial boost of growing power.
Let in light and keep plants clean.
Increase humidity.
Prepare for spring.
Cut away old growth.
Refresh the soil.

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