Vegetables that we can grow in the balcony

Vegetables that we can grow in the balcony

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My husband and I will be moving to an condo in Markham. It is a gift from our children. Both of our children wanted us to move to Markham as both of them and their family is settled in Markham. We saw our condo which they bought for us from a pre construction condo in Markham, they are amazing and pretty spacious. The one thing that my husband liked about the condo is the balcony as he loves gardening. He is now thinking of growing some indoor plants also some vegetables in the balcony. After moving into the condo, I was planning to surprise him with some indoor plants in the condo. Am sure he would love my gift. He never gets time to visit any plant nursery after work. It has been very hectic days in her office. So I was hoping to find some good indoor plants and place it in our condo before we move into the condo. So, if someone knows any good indoor plants and plant nursery near Markham, please let me know. It would be a great help.

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