Veggies for my container gardening???

Veggies for my container gardening???

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Hi, I am still basking in the glory of my new position. For my ease to get to work, I am moving to an apartment near my new office.

I love gardening and have a good collection of perennial flowers in my garden. Since I‘m planning to stay in an apartment, backyard gardening is not possible. When I discussed this with my new neighbor, she suggested me the idea of balcony gardening and also referred me an article ( listing its advantages. The article mentions that they are good money savers, and would easily adapt to the changing seasons.

Need suggestions on the flowers and some veggies to be selected for my small balcony garden. I have heard about container gardening. Is that a good idea?? Please do share your valuable thoughts. Thanks in advance for any help.

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Container gardening is a very good idea. I also have a small balcony and I always grow there tomatoes. I like vegetables that later I can use in my kitchen so tomatoes and lettuces are my choices. Unless you do not have a deep container I do not recommend to grow carrots. Their roots need deep pot but in barrel it is possible!
What veggies are you planting?

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