Garden Security System

Garden Security System

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Hi everyone, I'm a farmer from Mississauga. Recently I started farming vegetables in my garden. Also, have a good collection of flowers in my garden. Fortunately, the soil is really good for farming.

But nowadays I'm having problems with intruders in my garden. I don't know who, or why. But, some jerks destroyed the garden at night. Now it's a mess. Crushed plants, fallen leaves, broken flower pots, etc. They even stole my vegetables! Complained about this in Police. But I don't think they can do anything without Proper evidence.

Hence I decided to install security cameras in my garden. And I'm gonna need HD cameras with night vision. Plus the feeds must be available in the cloud for me to check later. Actually, I'm going to call a firm that provides home security systems in Mississauga. So please share your suggestions on this with me.

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Oh!! This is actually a serious issue for you. How would you grow plants and vegetables in the garden when someone says intruders enter at night and destroys everything you grow. You should have built some fence around this, so at least you will get notified with the noise made by them. I remember last year the floor in the backyard was not properly installed and thus many intruders like snakes and other insects were arrive=ing from the hole. Instead of wasting any more time, we called Zothex flooring ( ) experts and done with the flooring installation and repairing properly. Later than till now, we haven't faced any issues regarding this. you should also take some help from some experts.

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