Gardening and pets

Gardening and pets

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I am a person who is interested in vegetable gardening. I bought pesticides from the market and sprayed it to the plants. After the use, I disposed it into the mini bins that were bought from Toronto ( My dog, Villy, ate it from the bin along with the food wastes. After hours, I noticed that Villy is not interested in playing with kids. He is not interested in eating his favourite food. I took him to a vet and he gave medicines. He told me that the dog had eaten poison. I reached my home and found the pesticide packet out of the bin.
So friends, Keep the pesticides away from your kids and pets. Do anyone know the best place to store garden pesticides?

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You should keep them in a place which is inaccessible for them! If you do not have such place think about buying a locked cabinet but it should have a good ventilation. But remember to store it away food, animal feed and medical supplies.

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