Getting rid of squirrels

Getting rid of squirrels

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I love vegetables like cucumber, carrot, and tomatoes. I love to eat fresh vegetables rather than buying from the market. I created a vegetable yard in the backyard of my house. I made a plan for creating the yard. Since vegetables like sunlight, I selected an area where they can receive more sunshine. I prepared the soil. I started with tomato and cucumber and later tried to grow carrot and brinjal. They flourished well and started producing the vegetables. My expectation got bigger and I was happy to see their progress. The vegetables tasted good and I gave some of the tomatoes and carrots to my best friend and mother. Last week, I had a bad experience. Squirrels entered the yard and ate the vegetables. All of my efforts went in vain. I didn’t anticipate the damages that these animals would cause in the yard. I didn’t pay much attention in providing protection to my yard. I only thought of growing good vegetables. I created a fence around the yard but they still enter the yard easily. I don’t know how to get rid of them. I am looking for a squirrel removal services in Markham to get rid of them. Are there any methods that we can try to prevent them from entering the yard?

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Well, here are some solutions that you can try to get rid of squirrels:

1. You can use live traps that you need to set up in some areas that you suspect the pests are hiding.
2. You can put up a fence around your garden to keep them out and also bury some fence under the ground to keep them from digging up your bulbs.
3. You can also use cayenne peppers, which are a common remedy to many annoying pests that may be intruding in your yard or garden.
4. Pesticides are not recommended to use by your own because of the risk to other wildlife and pests. These should only be used by a licensed professional.

If all these methods make you fail in getting rid of them, then you must call a professional pest control Fairfield CA company or you can go through with squirrel removal services in Markham team to help you out in this situation.

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