Goat and gardens?

Goat and gardens?

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Ok, don’t laugh but my goat got into my garden an ate the tops of my newly planted cabbage and Tabasco pepper plants. Should I replace the plants or will they grow back in time?

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That's horrible! I'd probably replant them. There's a chance they will grow back in time but it's hard to tell for sure.
With the heavy rains and the goat attack :) Its better to just replace the plants, just in case.
I agree with Scott Hagler
I think you should replant it and for future please take care of your garden from such incidents. Some garden pest are also harmful for garden so always prefer pest control treatment which is not harmful for your garden. You can get more information at : http://www.yalepest.com
Replacing is the best option and I hope you did the same.
The best solution for your situation is to build fences around them. Fenced-in gardens give a courtyard charm. Another option would be wire cages, a chicken wire tall enough so that your goat won't jump over it. Try running the wire from stake to stake.
In fact, I was in a dilemma till two months back. My dog used to spoil the front yard, and the lawn grass used to be riddled with urine spots. He used to dig holes, carving runway paths, making a mess of my landscape design. Then a landscape material suppliers (https://peellandscapedepot.com/) suggested me to go for a hardscape. A good training too helped me in the end.
Also, as Frank said, the garden pest can totally spoil your garden. So, avoid overhead watering or applying pesticides. Try sticking to organic pest spray. To keep the leaves dry, water around the base of the plants when possible.
Yeah , I too agree with Scott. It's better to go with the replacement.
I also think that you should replace your plants! Your goat may back there as she know that there is something tasty waiting for her. And of course you should provide a better protection for your plants.

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