Need advice to clean the space..!!

Need advice to clean the space..!!

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Hi, I recently bought a new home. It's a nice one with a lot of space for the garden. The previous owners of this home have placed some lava rocks in all the landscaping beds. I'm planning to plant some bulbs and seeds this fall. But I don't know when in the fall to plant them. Please advise.
Before that I want this rocks to get removed because I've tried offering it for free to people, but no one seems interested. What to do with the junk? Can I rent a commercial dumpster and have it hauled off? There is too much to sneak into our regular trash, and a few things are pretty big. And I would love to get it all done in one big swoop.
I'm thinking about [url=]using some disposal services near Toronto[/url], but I don't have any experience with such firms. Does anyone have any input on such a service? Any help will be much appreciated.

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