Vegetables that are good for dental health

Vegetables that are good for dental health

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Hey, I am having yellowish stained teeth and the stains won't disappear no matter how hard I try. I use to drink a lot of coffee and I guess that might be the reason behind my stained smile.
My friends tease me for this. Whenever we pose for a pic, I always close my mouths shut in fear that my yellowish stained teeth would show off. I have tried several DIY's, but none of them are working.
So, I am planning to undergo a tooth whitening ( ) from Burlington in order to make them white faster. My dentist has asked me to include a lot of vegetables in my diet. I have heard that broccoli and carrot are excellent for dental health, as well as keeping teeth white.
I would like to grow them at home and is interested in knowing more about their cultivation. I am also interested in starting a vegetable garden at home. Please recommend some vegetables that can be grown easily. Thanks in advance.

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I heard that drinking straws are good if you drink coffee and even tea. Of course it is better to avoid them but if you like to drink them use straws. I know that Kohlrabi, carrot, radish, celery are good for dental health because they protect from dental caries.

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