Gardening To-Dos and a New Journal

MAY 15
Springtime is here and the garden planning is beginning! In between starting seeds in the basement and setting up our cold frame we've also been hard at work on the web site. We wanted to share some of the new features with you that we've added over the last few weeks and let you know of the changes that should make it even easier to use.

One of the biggest complaints we have heard over the last few months is that it takes too long to get started using our planner. To address this we've added two new tools that can be used quickly and without any garden set up.

Garden To-Dos

A few weeks ago we launched our new Garden To-Dos tool. This is an easy-to-use tool aimed at helping you stay on track by scheduling your upcoming critical gardening tasks. It also allows you to go back and see when you completed older To-Dos, making it easy to see when you accomplished your gardening tasks. You can start adding your spring gardening to-dos here: Gardening To-Dos.

New Garden Journal Tool

Previously, in order to fully use the notes functionality you had to populate your garden with plants. These could then be used for storing detailed notes about your garden. Many people suggested that the process should be simplified and our response is a new free-form Garden Journal. To add a new entry you simply fill out a quick form and you are done. You can also easily upload photos of your garden. There is no garden or plant set up required. You can start adding journal entries here: Vegetable Garden Journal

And for those of you meticulous note-takers out there, don't worry! The old functionality has been moved into the garden page as the Garden Logbook for all of your detailed note taking needs.

New Design

We also launched our new website design. The site was beginning to feel a little stale so we thought some spring cleaning was in order. We've tried to make the tools more accessible and easier to use. We also focused on increasing the readability of the text and headers on the site. While we mainly focused on the overall look and feel we're hoping to update individual pages throughout the next few weeks.

Family Feeder Calculator

We know that when planning your garden one of the most difficult things for beginning gardeners to determine is how many plants of each vegetable to grow. We've come up with this tool to help show you the average number of plants you need to feed your family. While every person is different we try to provide a good rule of thumb for inexperienced people to use. You can use the tool here: Family Feed Tool
Or view all of the vegetables here: Vegetable Plants Per Person

What Do You Want to See?

We are also very interested in finding out your thoughts about the site. What features would you like to see added? Is there anything that is there now you would like to see improved? Anything we are completely missing the boat on?

You can send us any suggestions, comments, or problems from our contact us page. Enjoy spring and best of luck in the garden!

A great layout tool for all your gardening needs! You can go try a 30 Day Free Trial or read our review.