New Vegetable Garden Journal

AUG 20
We're excited to make a big announcement for us here at Vegetable Garden Planner, one that should only increase our value to all you readers. In order to help track our gardens some of us have been developing an online vegetable garden journal. We've been using it this year on our personal gardens and have been working through the bugs during that time. We're happy to finally be able to offer the beta version to you all for free.

Not every gardener keeps a journal and for those that are curious why you would keep one, here's what my colleague had to say:
There may be no better source of growing and gardening tips for next year than the ones you write yourself this year! A garden journal can add to your gardening success and enhance your enjoyment of your gardening activities. It allows you to benefit greatly in the future from your past successes and mistakes.

We've tried to take the concept of a traditional garden journal and use technology to make it easier to use and get value from. The vegetable garden journal allows you to create your garden and enter in all your plants. Then you can record observations, actions or just general notes about the specific plants or your entire garden. You can also upload photos so you will have a visual record as well.

We hope to add more tools and features over the next year resulting in a fully-featured online vegetable garden planner that should be ready to launch next year. If you have any suggestions or comments for us, please send us your thoughts. Thanks and enjoy!

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